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New features in My Carrierr

We recently released new features in My Carrier: CCCC DDDD

Updated dashboard

  • The updated dashboard has notifications about portal service windows and other useful portal related information and news.
  • Users with access to financial information will get dashboard reminders about expired credit cards and invoices that are past due. 


Excel exports

  • You now have the possibility to export your service inventory and cases to Excel and CSV from the list views.
  • Note that the excel exports contains more information than what is visible in the lists.

More planned work information

  • Better visibility of planned works status and service windows per affected service. Just hover over the service windows column in the affected service list to see more information.

End customer administration

  • Possibility to add, edit and remove your end customers.
  • Tag an end customer to a service on the Service detailed page.
  • Add a customer reference field on the end customer to prepare for system integration.
  • Note that you cannot delete an end customer if it relates to a service.

New customer APIs: Cases and Invoices

  • Communicate with us through your own systems with system integration. 
  • The case and invoice APIs are automatically added to the integration user, but a developer needs the financial role to be able to work with the invoice API. 

Direct internet access

  • You can now order Direct Internet Access (DIA) in My Carrier, both from the Buy Services menu and from the My Premises menu through the new “Buy Additional Service” tab.
  • In the My Premises view you can configure and order more than one Direct Internet Access at the same time. 
  • The Direct Internet Access is added to a Telia Carrier On Prem connectivity service which means you need an active Telia Carrier On prem to be able to order. Please contact us and we can help you getting your premises connected.

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